Nagpur: Youth self-medicates using Google for weight loss, dies

The Nagpur Police found his body in a decomposed state on April 08, 2017. He went missing on April 04, 2017. His body was found in Ghogali village. The police had recovered a bag, a water bottle, a mobile phone and empty medicine strips

Image source: Google
Image source: Google
  • In a shocking revelation, a 27-year-old from Nagpur, Maharashtra, lost his life by self-medicating for weight loss.
  • The detailed probe conducted by Nagpur police has confirmed that the youth was obsessed with weight loss medicines, and used to search the internet for the same.
  • According to police, he accessed the information about weight loss medicine through a Google search.

If we have caught a cold, cough or fever, generally, what would we do? Just pop a pill from our home first-aid kit, without realising what effect the medicine would cause on the body.

Doctors always advise, self-medication is harmful and can lead to fatal consequences. However, we tend to overlook it. With the advancement of the technology, where everything is just a click away, we ask Google rather than consulting a doctor. Lamentably, this obsession proved fatal for 27-year-old, Saurabh Soni (name changed) from Nagpur.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Nilesh Bharne, DCP Nagpur, said, “The detailed investigation has revealed that the deceased youth used to self-medicate. We did extensive scanning his cell phone records and the net activity to ascertain the cause.”

According to the police sources, Saurabh’s body was found last year. However, there were no injury marks on the body, and the examination report also stated that he was not poisoned.

In addition to that, the police found a few tablets near his body. The police then began to trace the digital footprint of the medicine. His cell phone and Internet search history provided a crucial lead to police.

An investigative officer said, “He used to search the Internet on, How to lose weight? Methods of losing weight with Quetiapine tablet. These tablets were prescribed to his mother by the doctor, and he used to bring the tablets for her.”