Nagpur: Students protest against Maratha reservation ordinance

Open category students have now begun protesting against the ordinance on Maratha reservation. The students and their parents had assembled at RBI square in Nagpur to express their displeasure over this decision


The issue of Maratha reservation in post-graduate courses came to a close on Monday, as Maharashtra Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao signed the ordinance.


However, in protest against the approval of this ordinance, post-graduate students of the open category launched a protest in Nagpur. Their parents also participated in this protest. The protest took place on Tuesday, May 21 and was organised at RBI square in Nagpur. In total, 300 people took to the streets to protest against the ordinance.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Samir Deshmukh, a post-graduate aspirant who took part in this protest, said, “The ordinance granting Maratha reservation to SEBC students was signed and approved on Monday. Due to this Maratha students were granted a quota of 16 per cent in the admission process.


He added, “As a result of this, we aren’t left with any seats. We had approached the Supreme Court regarding this. The Supreme Court had ruled in our favour. Yet the state government brought in the ordinance and implemented the reservation. We are opposed to this and that is why we took out a protest.”

Dr Deshmukh further added, “We are not against the Maratha community and we don’t want any injustice to be done to them. But the government should not ignore the injustice being done against us. We should get our seats. Due to the reservation, I did not get a seat at a college of my choice. Neither did I get a seat in the branch which I wanted. As a consequence of this, I have to apply in a private college which charges higher fees.”