Nagpur: Scrub typhus kills 14, 19 fresh cases detected

Scrub typhus is caused by a bite of an insect or a mite living on the big animals. Usually, the insect is found in thick bushes and paddy fields. The administration has directed the authorities to spray insecticides in the vicinity


  • In Nagpur, the death toll, due to scrub typhus, has reached 14, 19 fresh cases have been detected in one day.
  • The district health administration has ordered all the gram panchayats to spray pesticides in their respective areas on priority basis.
  • The administration has also directed medical officers to refer patients with suspected scrub typhus to Nagpur Medical College.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Assistant Director Health (Malaria) Dr Milind Ganvir, said,“Till now, fourteen people have lost their lives due to the disease. We have launched a massive screening drive in all the Primary Health Centres (PHC’s) and rural hospitals. This insect is normally found in thick bushes and paddy fields. We have ordered all the authorities to spray insecticides.”

Dr Ganvir further added, “We have appealed the citizens to take bath and wash clothes in hot water. People should immediately rush to the hospital if they find the symptoms like Scrub typhus.”

Symptoms of scrub typhus 

  • Red spots on the body
  • A severe headache
  • Severe Temperature

On Saturday, September 01, the Health Minister of Maharashtra, Dr Deepak Sawant visited Nagpur to take stock of the situation.

Dr Deepak Sawant said, “We have asked the district administration to spread awareness about the disease through hoardings. People should not panic, but should take necessary precautions.”

Scrub typhus is caused by a bite of an insect or a mite living on animals, like cattle.