Nagpur: Docs help patients with mental health problem to get a new identity

Everyone has their own identity. However, the patients with mental health problem lose their identity due to their illness. To help them acquire their identity, the doctors of the regional mental hospital, Nagpur, have come forward


The doctors of the regional mental hospital of Nagpur, have started giving new birth dates and names to those who do not remember anything. Based on this information, the doctors are going to give them Aadhar card.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Praveen Navkhare, medical superintendent, of regional mental hospital, Nagpur, said, “Families of the patients with mental health problem who leave them are admitted in the hospital. Many patients do not remember their name and address. So, we are giving them a new identity.”

He added, “We have designed a new software for storing the information regarding the patients. Through which, the patient’s Aadhar card will be linked. The doctor will get the information about the patient by his thumb scan and Aadhar card number.”

There are 940 beds in Nagpur’s hospital and 615 patients are being treated here. While in the Out Patient Department (OPD), 150 to 200 patients come for the treatment. All the information will be stored in the software.

About the software:

  • This software is of two types OPD and indoor patients
  • Records of the patients will be maintained
  • Patient’s name, address, ration and Aadhar card will be linked
  • Doctors will get all the information about the patients on one click
  • Patients who will be visiting for the treatment for the first time will be given UID number which will be with the doctors as well