‘My son has passed away, but his organs can save someone’s son’

The 79-year-old mother of a 51-year-old man consented to donate his organs after he was declared brain-dead, this act of generosity helped give a new lease of life to three patients who were waiting for an organ transplant. This is the 37th organ donation in Mumbai, so far this year


A cadaver donation took place at Criticare Hospital, Multi-Speciality Hospital in Juhu, Mumbai. The 51-year-old male patient became brain-dead due to internal bleeding in the brain. The name of the deceased man is Jiten Mehta, a resident of Andheri.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rajashree Mehta, the sister of the deceased said, “My brother was a hypertensive patient. He fell and injured his head at our Andheri home on Saturday afternoon due to a stroke.”

Pramila Mehta with her son Jatin Mehta
Pramila Mehta with her son Jatin Mehta

The doctors declared him brain-dead on Sunday morning at 9 am. When the doctors approached the family for organ donation; the deceased’s mother mother came forward and told the doctors that she was aware about organ donation. Pramila Mehta said she would want to donate the organs of her only son.

She said, “My son has departed from this word, but his organs can help save someone else’s son.”

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Jatin Mehta with his sister Rajashree Mehta

ZTCC co-coordinator, Samir More, said, “The man was declared brain dead due to internal bleeding. The family knew about organ donation, the doctors retrieved the patient’s kidneys, liver and cornea. The liver was sent to Jupiter Hospital. The kidneys were retained by Criticare Hospital and the corneas were sent to an eye bank. Doctors say that the process of organ donation is a long drawn process. The relatives of the deceased must bear with doctors and the body is returned as soon as the organs are retrieved.”