‘My new heart has an aim to save lives’

Twenty four-year-old Minocherhomji shares her life-changing experience of getting a heart from a donor, three years ago. She says her new life was a gift from the donor. Minocherhomji now works in creating awareness about the organ donation and how it saves many lives from getting destroyed

Donor gifted me another life, says heart receipient

Organ donation not only gifts a life to the recipient, but it also saves a parent from the pain of losing a child, it prevents a child from growing up without a parent, it adds years of happiness to couples whose time together would otherwise have been cruelly cut short. It is the ultimate gift of love, explains Hvovi Minocherhomji.

Three years ago, on June 16, she was gifted with another life when she underwent a heart transplant surgery and started using the heart of a donor. Minocherhomji, a 24-year-old Bandra resident, works as an educational counsellor in Mumbai. She was probably the first person from Maharashtra to have undergone a heart transplant.

Donor gifted me another life, says heart receipient
Hvovi Minocherhomji

“I underwent heart transplant when I was 21-year-old. And it was a life-changing experience for me.” Today, she is a successful professional who truly wants to work to create awareness for organ donation, and has been working for the same since past three years.

“This cause is really close to my heart. And so, I am working towards creating a support team for creating awareness about organ donation, in association with Mohan Foundation,” she added. Mohan foundation is an organization that works towards organ donation. “Organ donation, in our country needs to be encouraged,” she said.

Minocherhomji was detected with dilated cardiomyopathy — a condition where in the heart’s pumping efficiency drops considerably. It is a condition where the heart becomes very weak and enlarged, thereby affecting the blood reaching lungs, liver and other organs.

“I was extremely sick. I had no option but to opt for a transplant. On checking about such facility, we realized it could be done at Fortis Malar hospital, Chennai.”

And then she successfully underwent heart transplant and received a heart of a brain-dead person. She is fit as a fiddle today with no restrictions as such, “I have got another life now. More and more awareness needs to be given when we talk about donation,” she added.