My Medical Mantra turns 3: Thank you, readers!

My Medical Mantra completed three years on December 04, 2019 since its inception the health news portal has focused on the noble cause of organ donation. It has helped spread awareness on organ donation through its stories. It has also helped people in need through its crowdfunding stories. We thank our readers for having faith on us and being part of this journey


My Medical Mantra completes 3 years, one of the organisation’s main focus is to raise awareness on organ donation and it is its mission to spread a word on the importance of organ donation among people.

In the last 3 years, My Medical Mantra has been successful in spreading awareness about this noble cause. Through its organ donation campaigns on Twitter, it helped Aaradhya Mule get a donor heart after a year-long wait.

The #SaveAaradhya hashtag was trending in different parts of the country including metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur. We were the first to report on her family’s struggle to get a donor’s heart and gather funds for her operation. While we did a series of stories on her deteriorating heart condition, we decided to have a social media campaign too.


It has also helped children like Danashree Mujmule, Krishna Sadgir and Suhana Sheikh receive a donor heart through its awareness campaigns on social media.

It also won the social media award from the state of Maharashtra for a documentary on organ donation. My Medical Mantra released a coffee-table book titled ‘Healthy Maharashtra’ which is a compilation of interviews of all stakeholders in the field of medicine and healthcare.

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It has also run campaigns like #DoctorNotGuineaPigs to highlight that doctors shouldn’t be food tasters for dignitaries and high-ranking government officials. It also ran a campaign on #NoMobileKnowFamily which spoke about the dangers of excessive smartphone use and the effects it could have on personal relationships.

During Navratri, My Medical Mantra has done prominent stories focusing on women. With this year’s theme being women transplant coordinators who have played an important role in the field of organ donation.

And the theme for 2018, was the role of women in healthcare and medicine and the difference they make.

My Medical Mantra also focused on rising doctors attacks in India and Maharashtra. Through the #SaveDoctors and #DoctorAttack campaign, we did a series of stories related to doctors security in the country.

We also ran stories on affordable transplants. Globally, we have been looking for ways to make transplants affordable for one and all. In order to make it affordable, My Medical Mantra had started a series that robes in every stakeholder from the government to the common man to bridge the gap between the donors, recipients and the hospitals.


It was our social media campaign (#TaxFreePad), along with NGOs to request the central government to exclude sanitary pads from Goods and Services Tax (GST).

We also focused on anti-tobacco and anti-smoking stories with the #NoTobacco and Say No To Tobacco campaigns.

My Medical Mantra also a ‘Fitness Mantra’ series through which we interview doctors and asked them about their fitness secrets.

To spread awareness on mental health, we have published stories depression, anxiety conditions, schizophrenia, and many more. We have also done a series of stories on yoga which highlights its benefits and importance.

We will continue to bring you stories and provide you with the latest update in the field of healthcare and medicine.

My Medical Mantra is a unique web portal dedicated to health news which was launched by CM Devendra Fadnavis on December 04, 2016. Our sole purpose is to bring the latest news, interesting developments and intriguing facts from the medical world in simple words. The English website’s popularity led us to launch My Medical Mantra in Marathi. It is the first dedicated Marathi health news website launched by CM Fadnavis on July 1, 2017. We thank readers for their constant love and support.