‘My child will be proud when he grows up,’ father on organ donation pledge

As part of its organ donation awareness campaign, My Medical Mantra spoke with Naval Commander Aditya KP, who had pledged the organs of his eight-months-old in February. While organ donation, before the age of two is not allowed, Commander Aditya KP, a proud father, believes that more children should be signed up for pledge forms of organ donation

‘My child will be proud when he grows up,’ father on organ donation pledge

While there are hundreds of kids on the waiting list to get the vital organs, there are few parents who give consent for their kids’ cadaver organ transplant. The couple wants all parents to pledge their children’s organs, so that others, in dire need of an organ transplant, can get a new lease on life.

Q. How did you feel when you filled the pledge form?

A. My kid will feel proud when he grows up, and will understand what I did. My son is fit. God forbid, nothing untoward will happen to him, but in case, if something happens, I don’t want to waste his life. I will be happy if he could give life to others.

Q. What motivated you to fill the pledge form?

A.  I have donated blood several times, and I know the feeling one gets. Organ donation is something which gives you an opportunity to give life to someone.

Organ Donation-Month

Q. What message will you like to give about organ donation?

A. India is a country with a large population. Though the awareness about organ donation is increasing, there are still many on the waiting list. Also, there are many children, who need an organ transplant. It is only when the parents of healthy kids come forward to pledge their kids organs, the lives of little children, that need organ transplant, can be saved.