‘Muscle strengthening is the key to prevent knee pain’

A study conducted on overweight women showed that a weight loss of merely 11 pounds reduced their risk of developing knee Osteoarthritis by half. Bone and muscle strengthening exercises can help to promote joint health. So, if your joints are still healthy, try this exercise to build strength: Walking, running, jogging, playing tennis, suggest experts


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Recently, Vispi Daruwla visited Global hospitals with a striking knee pain. He is a 32-year-old banker by profession. Vispi works almost 12 to 14 hours a day and has been complaining of knee pain since last 6 months. The pain had gradually worsened.

“I did a thorough examination to rule out an inflammatory arthritic condition. I prescribed anti –inflammatory drugs and he responded to them in 10days. He became painless. Now, the main issue was how to prevent Vispi’s knees from getting adversely affected,” said Dr Shreedhar Archik, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Global Hospitals, Mumbai.

Vispi weighs 135 kilos. He has put on 25 kilos since he started his banking job 3 years ago. Vispi has a sedentary job which involves sitting in front of a computer for 12 to 14 hours a day. “He used to be so tired after his job that he comes home and sits for an hour or two watching television. He eats out every day and loves fried food. I discussed the problem his knees were facing due to his obesity. His ideal weight should be around 67-70 kgs. He was almost double his ideal weight. I explained to him that our knee joints bear our weight and more the weight more the damage,” added Dr Archik.

“Vispi was now alarmed at the news that he was facing a knee replacement surgery at 45 if he did not lose weight. I assured him that just 40% of expected weight loss and his knee pains would vanish. I chalked out a diet plan for him with the help of our dietician. We found a gymnasium near his office and asked him to get a personal trainer,” added Dr Archik.

It was then that he started exercising to lose weight. “Vispi started losing weight and started looking healthy in 3 months. Today Vispi weighs 90 kilos and has no complaints what so ever.”

While experts agree on the need to exercise regularly, orthopaedic experts call it a ‘mandate’ practices for their knees especially. “I recommend strengthening of muscles and joints for obesity or even those who are overweight. Swimming is the best therapy. If you can’t swim, I recommend walking in water. In the west, we even have anti-gravity treadmills that help a lot. Activities like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling are the best of exercises,” said Dr Miten Sheth, consulting Orthopaedic Surgeon in North Mumbai as well as member of Bombay Orthopaedic Society.

Regular exercise can lessen and alleviate overweight and obesity-related knee pain, stiffness, and swelling. The key to treatment and prevention of knee pain is strengthening the muscles around your knee. Having strong muscles helps absorb the shock, relieving your knee joint of extra stress and pain.