Mumbai’s 58th cadaver donation saves three lives

44-year-old brain dead patient's family donates his kidneys, liver

Mumbai saw yet another cadaver donation after family of a 44-year-old brain dead patient gave consent to donate his organs. With this, total cadaver donation witnessed in Mumbai in 2016 is 58.

The patient, a government employee, was admitted in Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, after he suffered brain haemorrhage on December 26.

“He was brought to our emergency department at 4am. He had bleeding in the brain. But by the time he was admitted, he was brain dead,” said Dr Parag Rindani, head of Wockhardt Hospital.

Following his death, Rindani said hospital’s organ transplant coordinator approached his family, who agreed to donate his kidneys and liver.

“Liver has been donated to an end-stage liver disease patient in Global Hospital, while one of the donated kidney has been transplanted in an end-stage kidney disease patient at Wockhardt Hospital. Other kidney was given to an end-stage kidney disease patient at Jupiter Hospital,” said a Zonal Transplantation Coordination Committee (ZTCC) official.

This is the third cadaver donation from last one week.


As per figures provided by ZTCC, Mumbai has witnessed a 53% rise in cadaver donations in last four years. Committee said 58 cadaver donations have given new lease of life to 91 end-stage kidney patients, 58 end-stage liver patients, 34 end-stage heart disease patients and one end-stage lung disease patient.