Mumbaikars, is your pani ‘puri’ safe to eat?

When it comes to pani puri be it any part of the country, there are hunger pangs for this roadside delicacy. But before you have your next pani puri have you ever taken the time to stop and question the hygiene of the area. Is the puri being used of a good quality? Is the water pure?

In Mumbai, after the humble vada pav, the second most favoured street food snack has got to be the pani puri. Whether you are at beaches like Girgaum Chowpatty or Juhu beach or even just shopping at Bandra one cannot resist giving into our cravings and tucking into it right away.

You may want to give this a rethink as the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration had raided a puri manufacturing unit at Dahisar on Thursday, May 24.

Four samples viz.  puri, shev, refined palmolein oil and wheat flour were taken for analysis. The remaining stock of puris, shev and refined palmolein oil were seized.

The FDA stated the following reasons for the seizure:

  • Carrying business without license.
  • Very unhygienic conditions.
  • Reuse of oil for frying and such oil was being stored in dirty plastic cans.

As the puris were suspected to be substandard. Action on the manufactures were taken by Food Security Officer Kshirsagar with the help of V.D. Gaikwad and T. G. Lokhande.

Last year the FDA busted a puri manufacturing unit in Govandi-Mankhurd where puris were being made on the floors which were in the extremely unhygienic condition.