Mumbai: ‘Yamaraj’ informs people about the dangers of crossing railway tracks  

In a first, Western Railway (WR) has come up with a unique plan to prevent commuters from trespassing on tracks. Lookalikes of Yamaraj, the God of Death, have been accompanying the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and giving trespassers a feeling of being carried away by the God of Death


On Wednesday, November 06, commuters between Andheri and Malad station were in for a surprise when they saw people dressed as Yamaraj near the railway tracks and inside the local trains. Many passengers were amused to see this. ‘Yamaraj’ even lifted a few passengers on his shoulders.


This was part of an awareness campaign taken to raise awareness about deaths caused by crossing the railway tracks. The awareness drive was conducted at Andheri and Malad station which are usually crowded.

The ‘Yamaraj’ was seen guiding people about not crossing tracks as well as the area outside the station.


Last year, on average seven people lost their lives due to railway accidents on a daily basis. Around 1,470 people had lost their lives while crossing the tracks.

Several people risk their lives by crossing railway tracks despite strict rules and fines being in place. This awareness drive was conducted to warn people about its dangers.