Mumbai: Woman gives birth to a baby girl weighing 5 kgs

A woman from Colaba, Mumbai has given a birth to a baby girl weighing 5.3 kgs.  According to the doctors at Cama Hospital, Fort, the mother and the baby both are doing well


  • A 28-year-old woman from Colaba, Mumbai, has delivered a baby girl on September 28 at Cama Hospital.
  • According to the doctors, the weight of the baby at the time of delivery was 5.3 kgs.
  • Doctors delivered the baby with the help of the caesarean section. As a normal delivery in a case like this would have been very risky.

This is the third case at Mumbai’s state-run Cama hospital, where a baby weighing around 5 kgs has been born.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajashree Katke, Medical Superintendent of Cama Albless Hospital said, “A woman from Colaba has given a birth to this baby girl. The girl at the time of delivery was 5.3 kgs, and the height of the girl is 53 centimetres. We performed caesarean delivery as the baby was weighing more than 5 kgs. Cases like these are very rare, and the surgery is also very complex.”

Dr Katke further added, “In case during the delivery if something goes wrong, it might cause harm to the uterus, also excess blood loss can occur. If a pregnant woman is suffering from diabetes, then in most of the case the chances that the baby’s weight would be above average.”