Mumbai: Wockhardt Hospital distributes stress balls to police officials and office workers

When your blood pressure is high, it puts an extra strain on your arteries and heart, squeezing stress balls can help reduce blood pressure, say health experts

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There have been studies that draw an association between stress levels and increased rates of heart attacks over the last 15 years. Ahead of World Heart Day (September 29) , to create awareness about the increase in heart diseases due to stress and high blood pressure, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central has distributed ‘stress ball’ to more than 5,000 employees at private firm and police officials.

Police official has long working hours, eating outside junk food etc. all such factors are major issue that can leads to heart problems. Even employees at corporate firm has a big target to achieve. It has noticed that youngster put lot of efforts to achieve those targets.

It has become a myth to reduce stress, smoking is best way to get rid of it. Smoking does not relieve stress. With long working hours, lack of exercise and stress affects their health too.

When we’re stressed out, our bodies tense up and we physically clench. The stress ball prompts you to squeeze and release, which can leave you feeling less tense than you started.

Here’s how to use a stress ball to help lower blood pressure:

  • Get a stress ball or small soft toy that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Place the ball in one hand and hold in a squeeze position for 90 seconds.
  • Then switch to the other hand and hold a squeeze for 90 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise three times for each hand.
  • Do this exercise twice a day for six weeks
  • See what a difference it makes when you check your blood pressure after six weeks.

Dr Parag Rindani, Head of Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central says, “With this campaign we urge to police official and corporate employees a promise as an individual to get more active, say no to smoking, eat healthier, have a regular exercise and also be stress free. We all would like to do. A simple promise towards all for my heart, for you heart, for all our hearts.”