Mumbai witnesses 109 cases of dengue, 18 lepto cases – so far this month

Mumbai experienced continued heavy rains with multiple occasions of massive flooding during September. As a result, the number of leptospirosis, dengue, malaria and hepatitis cases are marginally increased during the month of September


In the first 15 days of October, Mumbai recorded 109 cases of dengue, along with 18 cases of leptospirosis.

Dr Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, BMC stated that the city recorded 240 cases of malaria, 03 cases of swine flu, 172 cases of gastroenteritis and 45 cases of hepatitis. There were two deaths related to leptospirosis in the month of September.

Dengue, gastro and swine flu cases are showing a decreasing trend.

Measures which are being undertaken by the Brihannmumbai Municipal Corporation to control the disease burden are as follow:

All dispensaries are instructed to start doxycycline treatment along with other required medicines to all fever patients to minimise leptospirosis and gastro burden

Information, education and communication (IEC) activities like miking, short films in theatre, poster display and house to house interpersonal interactions to create awareness regarding signs and symptoms, care to be taken, Dos and Donts etc.

Active surveillance at community level to identify the cases early so that complications are prevented.

Prompt referrals to higher centres at heath institute levels.