Mumbai & Thane temperatures reach new high, doctors give tips to beat summer heat

Mumbai recorded temperature as high as 38.4 degrees Celsius on Monday and Thane reached 42 degrees Celsius – highest in recent years. Meteorological Department of India says summer will be above normal

Mumbai, Thane temperatures reach new high, doctors give tips to beat summer heat

With Mumbai recording temperature as high as 38.4 degrees Celsius on Monday and Thane reaching as high as 42 degrees Celsius – highest in the recent years – Mumbaikars and Thanekars sweat out in socking sun.

Both the cities recorded the season’s highest temperatures in afternoon.

VK Rajeev, Zonal Head, MET Department, said, “This is not a heatwave, but the temperatures will remain on higher side for next two to three days.”

Meteorological department of India says summer this year will be above normal. While people are already having a tough time dealing with maximum temperatures at 38 and 42 degree Celsius, doctors say embracing few changes in day-to-day life can ensure a healthy summer.

“Wear light cotton clothes and drink lots of fluids. This is one of the most important changes one should make in summers,” said Dr Subodh Kedia, general physician, Bandra.

Doctors say it is important to keep yourself hydrated as deficiency of electrolytes can lead to severe muscle cramps and dehydration.

“People who are into fieldwork like marketing professionals are more prone to low blood pressures, muscle cramp in summers because they perspire but do not hydrate themselves enough. It is the most common ailment that can be easily avoided,” said Dr Kedia.

Doctors however say one should drink safe water and avoid roadside drinks and juices.

“During summers, we see a rise in gastroenteritis cases as people prefer to eat outside food and drink unhygienic juices. One should be careful and not drink food stall juices and drinks,” said Dr Pratit Samdhani, consulting physician at Jaslok Hospital.

He added that cold drink or ice cold juices should be avoided in summers as it can lead to throat infection.

“Consumption of ice-creams, cold water and soft drinks, especially after coming home from the sun, leads to cases of sore throat and cold,” said Samdhani.

Doctors also insist on eating hygienic home cooked food.

“Foods tend to get spoilt easily in summers. One should therefore be very careful while eating outside and even at home.  Children should always be given washed fruits and juices. Sugarcane juice should be avoided in afternoons, as it could be full of harmful bacteria,” said Dr Anil Ballani, physician, Lilavati Hospital.

Few summer tips by doctors:

  • Stay out of the sun if your shadow is shorter than you are, i.e. between 10am to 2pm. Always wear a cap or hat. Use sunscreen or sunblock (minimum SPF 15)
  • Avoid eating food from outside and dress according to the weather
  • Drink plenty of water
  • To protect your eyes from intense heat, always opt for sunglasses which cover the entire eye area, avoid being in (direct) sunlight