Mumbai: Soon, obese policemen to become slim-trim with new health plan

The Mumbai Police has organised one-month long health camp for the obese and overweight staff. In the camp, the policemen will be put through the rigorous exercise and will be put on the diet control as well


Whether it is an emergency, festivals or a natural calamity, the Mumbai Police has always worked hard to safeguard Mumbaikars and maintain peace and security in the city. They do everything they can to maintain the law and order in the city and are vigilante towards security.

But have we ever wondered about their health and fitness and do the overworked police constables find the time to exercise or workout. Now in order to tackle any health problems that may arise due to obesity the Mumbai Police has organised a month long health camp for the police constables and officers.

The dietitians and health experts will guide the overweight constabulary staff about exercise, balance and healthy diet.

The health camps theme is ‘Swastha Police, Sashakta Police’

Soon, the big-fat, and pot-belly policemen from Mumbai police will shade a few extra kilos which they have accumulated on their tummy. Within a months’ time, the pot-belly policemen will become fit, healthy and slim-trim.

In order to increase health awareness, healthy food habits the top brass of Mumbai police has organised a health camp in Mumbai. Around 150 constabulary staff has been selected for the month-long camp, where they will be put on a strict diet, and fitness exercise regime.

A number of policemen in Mumbai are obese and overweight. A faulty lifestyle, irregular working hours and odd eating habits are primarily responsible for weight gain. So, in order to promote health and fitness among the Mumbai Police, the top brass has taken a decision to organise a health camp.

The policemen have been selected on the basis of their body mass index. The training will start from morning to evening. The training will be a mixture of exercise, yoga, and fitness.

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