Mumbai: Sewri TB Hospital records over 9,000 TB deaths in the past five years

In the last five years, 41,487 TB patients were registered at Sewri’s civic-run TB Hospital from which 9,471 patients died due to the dreaded respiratory illness


  • 41,817 patients were admitted in Sewri’s TB hospital during the last five years.
  • 9,471 patients died due to tuberculosis.
  • In India, around 4 lakh people lose their lives in India due to TB, each year .
  • While 29 lakh cases of TB are registered each year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it his mission to eradicate TB from India by the year 2025. The union government has initiated the #EndTB campaign for the same. Efforts are being made at different levels of government to keep a check on the rising number of TB cases.

According to information provided by the TB Hospital in Sewri:

  • 9,170 patients were diagnosed with TB in 2013-14 out of which 1,996 deaths were recorded.
  • 8,642 patients were diagnosed with TB in 2014-2015 out of which 1,883 deaths were recorded.
  • While in the year 2017-18, 3,566 patients were diagnosed with TB out of which 787 deaths were recorded.

By looking at the figures given above, it cannot be said that the number of TB cases in Mumbai have been reduced. As 60 per cent of patients seek treatment at private hospitals, due to which the state government is not informed about these cases.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Lalitkumar Anande, Medical Superintendent, Sewri TB Hospital, said, “TB cases are on the rise in Mumbai. Last year, 3,566 patients were admitted at the TB Hospital, while 787 deaths were registered. The death rate has reduced; this is due to the measures taken to increase awareness on early TB detection. As a result, TB cases are diagnosed early on. This in turn leads to prompt and early treatment. Hence, the risk of death has reduced.”

He added, “The government is doing the best to control TB, but the government should also take measures to increase the immunity power of the patients. Because the chances of contracting TB is reduce when a person’s immune system is strong.”

Dr Anande further added, “The lungs of a TB-affected patients are damaged, this in turn also increases the risk of lung failure. Window surgery is recommended for such patients, as the pus from a person’s lungs are extracted in this type of surgery. In 2015, 1,379 window surgeries were performed. And this number of window surgeries increased in 2018 to 2,930.”

Year Patients admitted Deaths
2013-14                   9,170 1,996
2014-15                   8,642 1,883
2015-16                   6,858 1,575
2016-17                   6,886 1,624
2017-18                    6,365 1,606
2018-19                    3,566  787