Mumbai sees a decline in number of animals injured this Diwali

With an increased awareness among people and campaigns which have sensitise people regarding the harmful effects that crackers have on the environment and animal life


Many of us are aware about the negative effects of noise and air pollution caused by bursting firecrackers. Mumbaikars celebrate Diwali with a lot of pomp and fanfare. In the process, this can damage the health of both humans and animals.

But, on a positive note Mumbai has witnessed a reduction in the number of birds and animals injured in Diwali-related incidents.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, J.C. Khanna, secretary and in-charge of The Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals, said, “In comparison to last year, there has been a reduction in the injuries of birds and animals, by about 40 per cent. This year the hospital, 20-25 animals have been admitted to the hospital. They are currently being treated upon.  Birds such pigeons, crows, owls, and sparrows are being treated. There are about 15-20 birds. Along with two cats and four dogs.”

Dr Khanna added, “The ratio of injured animals have come down, but birds are most affected by firecrackers such as rockets, as the fumes from it can cause breathing difficulties for them and they might fall mid-flight. This leads to injuries. We will release the birds once they have made a successful recovery.”