Mumbai: Psychiatrist Society to launch ‘de-addiction’ programme for BMC employees

In a recent survey that was conducted by the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) authorities, it was found that over 3,000 employees consume tobacco and over 1,333 employees are suffering from chronic diseases related to oral health. Another survey revealed that the number of employees addicted to alcohol is also quite high

BMC Headquarter Mumbai
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In order to help wean the civic employees from their addiction, the Bombay Psychiatrist Society has launched a ‘de-addiction’ programme in all the 24 BMC wards of Mumbai.

Through these programmes, awareness will be created among the BMC staff about addiction and its ill effects on their mental and physical health.

On Thursday, July 4, a programme was organised in the BMC headquarters at Fort. Soon, the de-addiction programmes will be started across all the BMC offices in the city.

In order to curb tobacco addiction among the BMC employees, the civic body has launched a special drive to spread awareness among the employees. In a recent survey, it was revealed that over 3,000 employees of the BEST consume tobacco.

While speaking to the press Additional Commissioner (Health), BMC, Ashwini Joshi, said, “Addiction is a type of mental illness, and timely treatment can help the person quit his habits. The programme has been launched keeping this in mind. The BMC staff will be benefited from this camp.”

While speaking to the press, Dr Shilpa Adarkar, President, Bombay Psychiatrist Society, stated, “A lot of BMC employees are addicted to tobacco and other hazardous products. So soon this special campaign will be launched across all the wards of Mumbai. We will be explaining them, how addiction is a mental disorder, and what its ill effects are.”