Mumbai police constable donates blood, saves life

Whether it is an emergency, festivals or a natural calamity, the Mumbai policemen work 24/7 to ensure the citizen’s safety. Similarly, on March 24, a Mumbai policeman helped a citizen by donating his blood


  • There is always a significant, on-going need for blood. Because, there is no substitute for human blood, the generosity of blood donors helps to ensure that we maintain an adequate supply for our patients.
  • The shortage in the blood bank is could be linked to the vacations where schools and colleges are shut. And the blood donors go out of Mumbai.

Powai police station’s constable Ganesh Katte was on duty at IIT police station. Suddenly, an unknown man came to him asking for help as his wife was in an urgent need of blood. “My wife needs blood urgently. Can you help? My wife has been admitted to Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital as she felt dizzy. We need blood (B positive). There is no blood available in the blood bank.” The man requested the constable to help him out.


Ganesh’s blood group was B positive. And without giving a second thought, Ganesh and the man left for Hirananadani Hospital. And after discussing with the doctor he was ready to donate blood.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ganesh Katte, Police Constable said, “I immediately went to  Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital where doctors told me that the patient is B positive and needs blood. I agreed to donate blood. After few tests, I donated blood.”

He added, “I am in the police department since last 7 years. I work for the upliftment of the society. People expect the policemen to help them. and I exactly do that.”

This noble deed of Ganesh was applauded by the Police department. And he was praised by the officials for his life-saving effort.