Mumbai plane crash: ‘I just heard his frantic screams’

A chartered plane had crashed at Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area on Thursday afternoon killing 5 people which included 2 pilots. The Mumbai Police have recovered charred bodies of people who were on board of the ill-fated flight. But, few people were lucky who escaped the accident with minor bruises and burn injuries. And Nareshkumar Nishat, is one among them


“I just heard that him frantically screaming. I didn’t know what has happened. I ran toward him. He was injured and lying on the floor with burn injuries. I pulled him out and took him to the Rajawadi hospital,” says Kaushalkumar, with the tears in his eyes.

Kaushal Kumar’s nephew, Naresh Kumar Nishad, is one those fortunate people who did not lose their life due to the plane crash accident. Naresh Kumar was working at the under-construction site when the ill-fated flight crash-landed in the neighbourhood.

Mumbai plane crash: 5 charred to death, 3 injured
Naresh Kumar Nishatdadmitted at Rajawadi Hospital

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Kaushalkumar says, “Naresh Kumar had gone to work in the morning. His wife and I were at home having our lunch. And suddenly, I heard a loud sound. For a second I thought… I had stopped breathing. What we witnessed was a disaster.”

“But, thank God, Naresh is fine now. He has suffered injuries on his hands and feet. But he is out of danger,” adds Kaushal Kumar.

Dinnanath Tiwary
Dinnanath Tiwary

Dinnanath Tiwary, a resident of Ghatkopar had witnessed the entire incident. He said, “I was there when the plane crashed at the construction site. I thought the building was crumbling down. Due to the impact, the building started shaking. But, thankfully no one was inside it.”

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Savitri Kamble

While Savitri Kamble, whose son was ferrying passengers in an auto, she said, “My son started yelling at people. He tried to make people aware of the situation. One of the people, who has suffered injuries jumped from the third floor of the building to save his life.”