Mumbai: Paediatricians release parental guideline videos on lifestyle diseases

The Mumbai chapter of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has come out with unique set of videos to educate parents on how to prevent lifestyle ailments

Mumbai: Paediatricians releases parental guideline videos on lifestyle diseases

In one-of-a kind initiative by the doctors to serve the community, the Mumbai chapter of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has come out with a set of videos which are nothing more but parenting guidelines to keep lifestyle illnesses at bay. The videos, which are free to all, will soon be out in various languages too.

Dr Samir Dalwai, President of IAP Mumbai who initiated this project said, “It was our determination to work for the community as a whole that led us to work together and come out with these simple short videos that empower parents about their child’s health.”

Dr Santosh Soans, National President IAP, while inaugurating this Program during the annual conference of paediatricians said, “These simple videos on social media break through barriers of time and place and dedicated these videos to all parents in India.”

These videos are about basic habits like sleeping and eating healthily. Senior paediatrician, Dr Bakul Parekh said, “Parents are better informed about complicated diseases but often no one tells them about the simple things like play and recreation, healthy diet and exercise. Grandparents are missing to add wise counsel. We, as doctors, wanted to step in and play that role.”

“These videos were extremely importantly to be put out. The process of prioritizing the topics were done very carefully. Parents would be benefited by following these guidelines,” said Dr Raju Khubchandani, concept head and scientific editor for this initiative.

Some of the guidelines mentioned:

  • Letting children play outdoors
  • Say ‘no’ to gadgets/ mobile phones
  • 30 minutes of family time is a must
  • Not to use media as ‘electronic nanny’
  • Reading is the best exercise for the mind