Mumbai: Operation theatre at KEM Hospital closed since 15 days

The Jan Mohammad Theatre (JMT) operation theatre at KEM Hospital has been closed for 15 days due to water leakage. The operation theatre is being repaired and upgraded

Mumbai: Operation theatre at KEM Hospital closed since 15 days

  • Currently, emergency surgeries are being carried out at another operation theatre in the hospital.
  • Dates for scheduled surgeries have been postponed.
  • The operation theatre will be reopened from Friday, informed KEM Hospital Dean, Dr Avinash Supe.

Many people come to KEM hospital every day for treatment. However, patients requiring surgery are facing difficulties, due to the closure of the ‘JMT’ operation for repairs and maintenance. Surgeries for liver disease, gastric problems, endoscopies, orthopaedic disorders, and kidney stones were usually performed at this operation theatre.

Due to water leakage, the hospital authorities decided to keep the operation theatre closed.

Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital, said, “Since the operation theatre had been closed for repairs. We had moved the Surgery Department to another place. Emergency surgeries are being carried out in other operation theatres. The dates of routine surgeries were extended. The minor operation theatres are working. We will be reopening the operation theatre from Friday onwards.”

Compared to private hospitals, the costs of surgery in the municipal hospitals are kept low, so that poor patients can be treated. But patients had to suffer due to closure of the operation theatre and postponed operation dates.