Mumbai: Nair Hospital to soon start virtual autopsies

Conducting a post-mortem without cutting open a body will soon be a reality in Mumbai a major Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) hospital is planning to start virtual autopsy centres soon


  • It is going to be the first hospital in India to conduct virtual post-mortems.
  • The biggest advantage of virtual autopsy, he said is that it helps in recording minute details, which can be missed by naked eye in a traditional post-mortem procedure.
  • The technology, which is commonly used in countries like Europe, Malaysia, Switzerland, will now be available in Mumbai.
  • Virtual autopsies are time-saving and it complements traditional way of conducting an autopsy

However, there is no clarity on the exact date on which this facility will be made available to Mumbaikars since the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is yet to float a tender for the technology.

The virtual autopsy centres will have high-tech diagnostic CT scanners with 3D imaging.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dean of Nair Hospital, said, “We had a meeting with the BMC in regards with the technology required for virtual autopsies. In accordance with that Nair Hospital will start a virtual reality centre as soon as possible. Although, we are searching for an available space, we have already started the work for this facility.”

Dr Bharmal added, “The relatives of the patients will benefit greatly due to this. It will help save precious time. It will be useful for post-mortems. Through this technology, post-mortems can be done quickly; it will be done without a single cut to the corpse. It will be the first hospital in the country to have such technology.”

Samajwadi Party corporator, Rais Shaikh, said, “I have requested all the BMC hospitals to start utilising the virtual autopsy technology as soon as possible. It will first start at Nair Hospital.”