Mumbai Marathon: ‘This will be my first dream run’

Tata Mumbai Marathon or the ‘dream run’ is all set to begin in the next five days. This year, many cardiac patients in the team under special supervision of doctors are participating. My Medical Mantra talks to one such patient who will run 10 kms after joining a cardiac rehab just 15 days after his surgery


Every adventure has someone’s story to tell and so are various unique stories of participants at the Mumbai Marathon this year. Scheduled on January 21, it has many patients who have undergone cardiac surgeries and are back to their routine.

For an engineer working with an esteemed organisation realising that he suffered from an acute cardiac surgery, on one fine morning was a huge shock for the family.

“I was absolutely fine till, one fine morning my cardiologist told me that I had an acute coronary syndrome for which I needed to get operated. I was aghast,” said Swapnil Walimbe (44).


In the year 2017, on May 15, he underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery after which he suffered a cardiac arrest and was re-operated on June 1.

“The day I got discharged from the hospital, while in the lift,

I heard many senior citizens talking about dream run, healthy living and fitness. Fitness was not a priority till then. After hearing them I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” said Walimbe.

Surprisingly, like for many others, cardiac rehabilitation post-surgery has helped him get a regular exercise regimen in his daily activities. This enabled him to get back with his normal life and months to his surgery, he will be running his first Dream run in this year’s Mumbai Marathon.

Within the next 15 days, Walimbe had joined the cardiac rehab under the supervision of his cardiologist at the Asian Heart Institute and has been preparing meticulously since then.

“I started the cardiac rehab and exercises just 15 days after my second surgery. Today, I am perfectly fit. This will be my first dream run and it will be an experience to cherish!”