Mumbai Marathon: ‘Make Mumbai disability free’

Sunday’s Tata Mumbai Marathon ended with a bang. An interesting group participated with an aim to raise awareness regarding Jaipur foot. As a symbolic gesture, 77 participants wore a cap with ‘I love Jaipur Foot’ caption on it


If you hit the road to witness or participate the Tata Mumbai Marathon on Sunday, you would have seen two tall men on stilts, who walked along the dream run track with a banner, “Make India disability free”, for the inclusion of people from all walks of life. The idea, according to them is about creating awareness.

“I am here to show that I have a life beyond my disability” said Raju Kare, whose life changed dramatically after a truck accident. Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust has been very helpful in acquiring Jaipur Foot.


“People with disabilities need to feel that they too, are an integral part of our society, which will only happen when we recognise their ability, despite their disability.  Our volunteers and beneficiaries walked together, to spread awareness about disability inclusion and their rights as equal participants in society,” said Rajiv Mehta, Trustee, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust.

The globally recognised foundation, Ratna Nidhi has raised funds for the “Make Mumbai Disability Free” program at the marathon. The trust fielded a contingent of 85 people on Sunday, out of which 77 ran the dream run to spread a strong message of ability over disability.