Mumbai Marathon: Awareness was created on haemophilia and cancer

Many participated in the Mumbai Marathon to create awareness on haemophilia and cancer. Hemophilia is a group of inherited bleeding disorder that causes abnormal or exaggerated bleeding and poor blood clotting. In India, approximately, 19,000 whereas in Maharashtra, 4,000 patients are there

cancer awareness

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Balshiram Gadhve Haemophilia Society Mumbai Chapter in Parel, said “We participated in the Mumbai Marathon to create awareness on haemophilia. In Mumbai, there are 800 patients of haemophilia. It is a hereditary disease. There is no awareness reading haemophilia. So, we are trying to create awareness through Mumbai Marathon.”

He added, “Haemophilia patient needs to take injection which costs Rs 10,000.  Which is unaffordable. We are trying our bit so that the government takes initiative. We are doing this for eight years now. We haven’t got a response we expected. But, we will continue to create awareness regarding the same.”

Many people participated to create awareness on cancer as well. As the number of cancer patients in the country are increasing. So, there should be an awareness amongst the people regarding the same.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Hemant Bhirud of Asian Cancer Institute said, “we are creating awareness regarding the same since last three years. We want to send across the message that if the cancer is detected at an early stage, the patient’s life can be saved. For which, people should identify its symptoms.”