Mumbai Marathon: 3 months post liver transplant, ‘he’ is ready to run

Three months ago, Sandeep Kalsiwal, a Jalgaon resident underwent liver transplantation. Now, Sandeep is planning to participate in the Mumbai Marathon which will be held on January 21. Sandeep’s vital decision will inspire many and will help to create awareness regarding the organ donation


  • People across the city, nation and the world are gearing up for the upcoming Mumbai Marathon scheduled on January 21. The runners are occupying tracks in parks, roads and beaches. 
  • To create awareness on healthy lifestyle and liver ailments, the nephrologists from the private hospitals, the liver donors and the recipients will also participate in the marathon. This includes people from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Amravati and Jalgaon.

Every year, Mumbai Marathon witnesses the participation of enthusiastic runners. People also participate in the marathon to create awareness regarding the vital issues like healthy living, global warming child education, child labour, save and plant trees, save the girl child and so on. But, Sandeep Kasliwal (51), who underwent liver transplantation, will hit the streets to create awareness regarding the organ donation. Yes! You have heard it right!

  • In the October 2017, Sandeep underwent the liver transplant surgery in Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.
  • His wife Manju donated her part of the liver which gave him a new lease of life. After which, he was treated for a month. He returned to Jalgaon after his treatment.
  • Now, he is in Mumbai to participate in the Mumbai Marathon.
  • He wakes up at 5:00 am in the morning and practices for the same. He will participate in the dream run which is of 6.6 kms.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sandeep Kasliwal said, “Since many years, I was suffering from stomach ache for which I was taking treatment from the local doctors. But, in February 2017, I started vomiting.  The tests carried by the doctors reveled swelling in the liver. After which surgery was done in order to save it. But, it didn’t work. Also, doctors weren’t able to do anything. So, I was told, the transplantation was the last option.”

He added, “After which, a liver transplantation surgery was performed on me at the Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai. The number of patients suffering from liver failure has gone up. So, my wife and I will be participating in the Mumbai Marathon to create awareness regarding the same also we wake up and run every morning.”

Dr Anurag Shrimal, Liver Transplant Specialist in Wockhardt Hospital said, “Many people lose their lives as they do not get the organs on time. So to create awareness, the organ recipients and the living organ donors will participate in the marathon. Since few years, there has been awareness regarding the organ donation which helps people to get a new lease of life. So, the other doctors, I and the organ recipients run every day at the Marine Drive.”