Mumbai: Man severs foot at work, plastic surgery helps him walk again

A carpenter accidentally severed his right foot, the injury was gruesome as his foot was almost hanging off his leg. The cut was a deep gash. And the entire frontal portion of the 27-year-old man was almost separated from his leg


Just a month ago, the man had come to Mumbai from Assam in search of a job.

He was profusely bleeding and was immediately admitted to Mumbai’s civic-run Cooper Hospital. Once in the hospital, he was immediately attended upon the doctors who made it their priority to save his leg.

In a first-of-its-kind operation at a civic-run hospital in Mumbai, doctors manage to save a man’s limb through plastic surgery. The patient feared that he would never be able to walk again. But the skill and determination of the surgeons, the man will be able to walk once again.

Dr Nitin Ghag, a plastic surgeon, along with a team of doctors performed a surgery to save his limb which lasted for almost 6-hours.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Nitin Ghag, Plastic Surgeon, Cooper Hospital, informed, “After a month-long treatment and rehabilitation, the patient has been discharged on November 01. He has shown a lot of improvement within the last month or so. We expect him to be able to walk again in a few days from now.”

Speaking about the risks and complications related to such a kind of surgery, Dr Ganesh Shinde, Dean of Mumbai’s civic-run Cooper hospital, said, “This is surgery was the first-of-its-kind operation which has happened in Cooper Hospital. We had never seen a case like this before. When the patient had come to the hospital he was bleeding a lot. The surgery was difficult, but the team of doctors took it upon themselves as a challenge.”

Dr Shinde added, “Initially, we performed various tests on him. When a part of the body is completely cut, the blood supply to the part which has been severed stops. It’s a challenge to save the severed part. While doing the surgery, we had to locate the veins which have been cut. We performed skin grafting as well. The cut was so sharp that the patient had suffered serious injuries to the ankle as well. We had to insert a metal plate to rebuild his ankle.”