Mumbai: Krushna’s father in search of a new house for him

After heart transplant, person has to be on medication thought his life. And if its paediatric heart transplant, then, there are high chances of getting infection. Due to which, Krushna Sadgir’s father Ganesh Sadgir has decided to stay in Mumbai instead of taking him back to their village. They are also looking out for a rented house


Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old boy, who belongs to Akole Taluka in Ahmednagar district, has undergone heart transplant and his condition is improving now. Since few days, he was taking treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). But, now Krushna has been shifted to a general ward. Although, Krushna’s condition is improving but his father (who is a retired army man) is worried about the financial expenses and about where to shift Krushna after he gets discharged.

Krushna Sadgir
Krushna Sadgir

In December 2016, Krushna was diagnosed with a heart ailment and was admitted in Pune’s Army Hospital where his heart function was found to be only 41 per cent. For which, heart transplant was one of the options. But heart transplantation expense was more in Fortis Hospital and after doctors advise, they decided to fit a pace maker in Pune’s Hospital.  Fortunately, on September 20, Krushna got a new heart and he underwent heart transplantation.

To avoid infections after heart transplantation, he was being treated in the ICU for 24 daays. But, Krushna was weak and was on ventilator for two weeks. And on Friday morning he was shifted to a normal ward.

Krushna’s health condition is improving and he can walk and talk now. His family is very happy especially his father. But, his father is going through financial crisis and worried about where to shift Krushna after he gets discharged. To avoid any kind of infection, Krushna’s father is looking for a rented house in Mumbai.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Krushna’s father Ganesh Sadgir said, “Transplant has cost up to 18 lakhs, of which, 12 lakhs and 40,000 have been paid by us.  Still, we have to pay 6 lakhs and 60,000. And the cost can increase if he is kept in ICU. So, we are trying to source money through various NGO’s.”

He added, “After Krushna gets discharged we won’t take him back to village. A there are chances of him getting infected. Keeping this in the mind we are hunting for a rented house in Titwala, Mumbai. We would be staying there for a year.”

Dr Swati Garekar, senior pediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital said, “Krushna was weak. But, his condition is improving now. Due to which, he has been shifted to a normal ward. He would be discharged soon.”