Mumbai Kamala Mills fire: He saved 12 but lost his life

Sarabjit Parida, worked a waiter at 1Above’ restaurant. Sarabjit came forward to save lives immediately after the fire broke out and while doing so, he lost his life

Mumbai Kamala Mills fire: He saved 12 but lost his life

  • Sarabjit was working as a waiter in 1Above On Thursday, unfortunately Sarabjit went to work but did not return home.
  • Sarabjit was amongst those 14 innocent people who lost their lives.

A massive fire broke out at 12.30 am at ‘1Above’ restaurant in Kamala Mills compound, Mumbai. Many people were present in the pub when the fire broke. 14 people lost their lives. 23-year-old Sarabjit belonged to Odisha and had come to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. But, destiny had something else in store for him. Now, Sarabjit is no more.

As per Sarabjit’s brother Sanjit Patra, “Sarabjit’s friend called me up and informed me about the incident. Later, he called me up and asked me to come to the KEM Hospital. On reaching there, I came to know about his death.”

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Sanjit said, “After receiving the call for his friend. I reached KEM Hospital. But, he was no more. He rescued 1- to 12 people.”

He added, “Sarabjit came to know that many people are stuck in the bathroom. So, he went to save them. But, there was smoke everywhere which went into his nose and mouth. And he died due to suffocation.”