Mumbai Kamala Mills fire: ‘90% fire broke out due to hookah’

A massive fire broke out in Mumbai. As per BMC’s disaster management’s information, at least 14 people lost their lives and 26 are injured. Many people were present in the pub when the fire broke. Pratik Thakur, a 28-year-old Dadar resident, was lucky to survive the unfortunate incident


  • Pratik Thakur, 28, resides in Dadar.
  • As per Partik, they had gone to party and around 12:30 am, the fire broke out. Many were drunk. Many were consuming hookah. 90 per cent fire broke out due to hookah. The security guard had asked them not to leave. He was in the washroom. But his wife Terna went out. And he was stuck.

“Everyone started yelling, the way was narrow and we were 8 people at the party.  I somehow managed to escape. But, I thought my wife is inside and I went in again. I didn’t understand what to do. My wife’s brother Mayank Parekh was caught in the fire. He said, my wife wasn’t there and that she would move out as soon as possible. We came out but my wife’s brother Lokesh Parekh was stuck in the fire. But the security guard didn’t allow him to go out. We all came out safely. But, if we would have stuck for more 25 minutes, we wouldn’t have survived,” said Pratik Thakur.