Mumbai: JJ Hospital doctors save a man’s life through a complex rare procedure

Doctors at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital save a man who had developed complications after an angioplasty. The man, had suffered from internal bleeding inside his blood vessels. The doctors performed a rare surgical procedure which is not usually done by them in similar instances. This decision on the doctors part ultimately saved his life

Image use for representational purposes only
Image use for representational purposes only
  • A middle-aged man from Maharashtra had undergone a successful angioplasty in Mumbai’s state-run Sir JJ Group of Hospitals in the month of August.
  • But, barely after 5 days, the patient started experiencing a severe chest pain and landed at Sir JJ Group of Hospital again
  • When the doctors evaluated this with repeat angiography there was a new critical block developed in 5 days.

It was confusing as the doctors were expecting stent thrombosis, but the clot was not there.

Based on clinical judgment the new block was evaluated with IVUS, which confirmed the presence of vessel wall hematoma.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Nagesh Waghmare-Patil, associate professor attached to cardiology department said, “We performed ‘Intra Vascular Ultra Sound (IVUS)’ on the patient. In that came to know that there was an internal bleeding in his vessel. Normally in these cases, doctors open the blockage by putting the stent. But, we decided to perform cutting balloon angioplasty.”

Dr Nagesh further added, “In cutting balloon angioplasty, we create a small hole in the on the wall of the vessel. Owing to which the blood which has been clogged is released. There are two known cases like this worldwide, and this is the first case which has happened in India.”

Last month, the doctors had presented this case in the Indian Imaging and Physiology Conference in Chennai. And the doctors have bagged the first prize for their presentation as well.