Mumbai: JJ Hospital doctors remove 4 kg tumour from Parbhani woman’s chest

The woman was suffering from chest pain and breathing difficulties since the past 4-5 years. She had visited many doctors in her village. But, they could not diagnose her condition. Finally, doctors at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital ran a few tests on her. The tests revealed that a tumour which weighs more than 4 kgs had lodged itself between the woman’s chest and lungs  


Rohini Kamat (name changed) a 55-year-old woman hails from Maharashtra’s Parbhani district. She was affected with recurring chest pain and breathing difficulties since the past few years. She used to feel fatigue while working.

She and her husband visited many doctors in Parbhani district but to no avail. They had also performed test upon her but her condition was undiagnosable. But as her health deteriorated, her family decided to visit Mumbai to seek treatment for Rohini.

Finally, they arrived in Mumbai and visited JJ Hospital, where she was eventually operated upon. It was an open heart surgery and doctors stated that it was a very risky procedure. But, surgery was the only option. Hence, an open heart surgery was performed to retrieve the tumour.

The doctors ran a few test to confirm what exactly the mass in her chest, and reach upon a diagnosis. It was a benign tumour. But, it was huge in size and was located close to her heart. This was the main reason why she was facing breathing difficulties. The doctors went ahead with the surgery, once her family had given their permission and consent. The surgery was performed by cardiologist and cardiac surgeon Dr Krishna Rao Bhosale and a team of doctors.

Many doctors in Parbhani stated that she could lose her life if she went in for an operation. But, the operation at JJ Hospital was a success. Her relatives were initially not ready to have her operated. But, the doctors at JJ Hospital counselled Rohini’s family and assured them that the surgery would take place without a hitch. The family finally agreed and gave their permission for an open-heart surgery.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Krishna Rao Bhosale, Cardio-surgeon and Head of Department (HOD) of the heart surgery department, “The woman was from Parbhani and belonged to a farmer’s family. She was suffering from chest pain for quite some time. She was brought to JJ Hospital and we ran tests upon her. Reports revealed that she had a tumour on the left side of her chest. She was suffering from a solitary fibroid tumour. When we weighed it, we found that it was 4 kg in weight. This tumour was growing in the woman’s chest since the last four to five years. This the primary cause behind the woman’s exertion and fatigue ”

She has recovered well after the operation and is doing fine. She was discharged after a month. The tumour was located between her chest and lungs. It is vital to perform an operation in such cases, as untimely treatment could lead to death. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dusts and dirt can help in the growth of these tumours. This was a non-cancerous 9benign) tumour.

Dr Vijay Surase, a Thane-based cardiologist, said, “It is normal to have a tumour in the chest, there can be various reasons behind this. It is normal to have tumour in lungs too. But, having a tumour close to the heart is quite rare. Solitary Fibroid Tumours are rarely witnessed among people. It is easy to diagnose it, but operating upon it is a risky procedure.”