Mumbai: FDA’s search for blue ice ends in futility

Maharashtra's Food and Drug Department (FDA) is nowadays searching for the blue ice. You will find this amusing. And one will think why the FDA officers are searching for it? They have searched the length and breadth on Mumbai, but their efforts have not yielded any results. Every time the FDA officers go out for a search, they return empty-handed

Industrial ice to have blue colour: Govt directs manufacturing companies

In order to curb the use of contaminated ice for which is used for edible purposes, the Maharashtra government decided to split the ice used into edible and non-edible categories. It’s been three months that the order has passed, but the FDA is yet to come across the blue colour ice.

But, now the question which remains is, are the ice manufacturers obeying the government order or is contaminated ice still being used by the shop owners? Has the order of the government been properly implemented at the ground level?

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shailesh Aadhav, Joint Commissioner Food said, “Every year, we launch a campaign to search and destroy contaminated ice in Maharashtra. This year we have given orders to produce blue colour ice for industrial purpose. We have been searching for the blue colour ice but still, have not found any of it. But, on suspicion, we have seized and destroyed 2,500 kgs ice in Mumbai. We have also collected 8 samples of the ice, which we suspect to be contaminated. Action will be taken if someone tries to defy the order.”

During summers, people tend to consume cold drinks/golas at the roadside shops. This can cause several health issues. The FDA has started the campaign but still no trace of blue ice is to be seen in Mumbai.