Mumbai farmers protest: Doctors and Mumbaikars help to heal injuries

After walking fort over six days, protesting farmers from across Maharashtra reached Mumbai. The ones, whose health is deteriorated, were treated. Also, the Mumbaikars joined their protest


  • Thousands of farmers from across Maharashtra, who started on a ‘Long March’ from Nashik last Tuesday, descended in south Mumbai’s Azad Maidan on Monday to press for their demands of unconditional loan waiver, and transfer of forest land to tribal farmers who have been tilling it for years.
  • Many people have suffered foot injuries and so on owing to continuous walking.
  • So, to treat these farmers, doctors from Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, has started an OPD in the ambulance at Azad Maidan, Mumbai. While. Doctors from Mumbai, Shahpur and Thane have offered them treatment as well.
  • Doctors treated more than 650 patients for body cahe, leg pain, injuries and boils.
    More than 200 patients of dehydration, 150 patients of hypoglycemia and upper respiratory tract infections have been treated.

farmer protest 1

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rewat Kaninde, the medical officer at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals said, “Till now, our team has treated 100 patients. Many patients have suffered foot injuries. Due to lack of water intake, many people suffered from dehydration. Along with this, patients have been complaining of leg pain, body pain and fever. Till now, 4 patients who felt dizzy are been given primary treatment.”

farmer protest

Laxman Mokhne, 60, from Nashik said, “The heat is taking toll on our health. I don’t care about myself. I just want my land back. We will not move from here till our demands are being agreed.”


28-year-old Mangesh Parde, whose situation is similar like others said, “This protest is for our survival. We will keep walking. We have been doing this, since last 6 days.”

farmer protest 2

 The famed ‘dabbawalas’ of Mumbai through Rotibank  and the Mumbaikars came out to help the thousands of farmers, who walked for six days to reach here from Nashik to raise their various demands, by providing them food and water.