Mumbai: Driving on potholes causing an increase in back and knee injuries

Endless bumpy, pot-holed roads are causing back and neck injuries to two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers. Driving long hours also affects posture, where the driver has to sit in one position for long periods of time


Every year, Mumbai gladly welcomes the monsoon which offers respite sultry summer weather, yet we also receive and unwanted guest, who appears each year due to the erosion of the roads, the guest that I am alluding to is none other than the infamous potholes.

The promises made by the civic body are easily washed away and potholes which vary in size mar the city streets.

A Mumbaikar has no other option, and they do their best to avoid potholes on a daily basis. Doctors say that more and more patients have been complaining of back, knee and neck problems caused due to commuting on bad roads.

And doctors state that they have witnessed a rise in such cases.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Pradeep Bhosale, director, arthritis and joint replacement surgery, Nanavati Super Speciality hospital, said, “There has been an increasing in people who are facing back and knee problems. This occurs when a bike goes over a pothole; at that moment the motorist gets a sharp jerk which jolts his back. Cramps and pain occurs due to this, in the long-run thus may be an indirect factor in causing arthritis.”

Dr Bhosale added, “People who ride on two-wheelers commonly face this problem. As there is a lack of back support on these vehicles.”

He added, “At times, due to the sudden impact caused by the impact can ass pressure on the knee and this can cause a crack, knees get damaged due to this. Last week, I treated a patient who had developed a crack in the knee due to a sudden jerk.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shreerang Limaye, an orthopaedic surgeon from Devayani Hospital, Pune, said, “A majority of people who ride bikes face back and neck problems, though wearing a helmet is important for safety; it can put pressure on the neck which can be further aggravated due to frequent jolts from bumps caused by potholes. The spine also feels the impact of these vibrations. People who drive four-wheeler vehicles too do not escape such perils. As driving a car for extended periods of time can cause lower pain. People should regularly exercise to build strong back muscles to deal with such issues.”