Mumbai: Dog suffers severe burns due to Diwali firecrackers

'Josh' has suffered severe burn injuries on his face. And, is being treated by doctors from NGO 'Animal Matter to Me'


  • A dog named ‘Josh’ has been gravely injured due to firecrackers in Mumbai
  • According to doctors, ‘Josh’ has suffered severe burns to his face and needs treatment
  • Currently, ‘Josh’ is being treated by doctors from an NGO named ‘Animal Matter to Me’

Firecrackers not only cause a threat to human health. But, it also causes a serious threat to the life of birds and animals. This year, doctors have treated over 80 animals and birds for pollution and burn-related issues. And, ‘Josh’ is one of them.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Ankita Pathak, a veterinary doctor attached to the NGO ‘Animal Matter to Me,’ said, “On Wednesday evening, November 5, Josh was brought to ‘Animal Matter to Me’ by a few people. ‘Josh’ has suffered burn injuries on his face due to firecrackers. His injuries are severe and we are currently treating him.”

‘Animal Matter to Me’ is an NGO that works for animal safety. It has started crowdfunding for ‘Josh’s’ treatment.

But, ‘Josh’ is not the only one. Bai Sakarbai DinShaw Petit Hospital, which is most commonly known as Parel Animal Hospital has seen over 80 cases of burn and suffocation.

Dr J C Khanna, Secretary of Bai Sakarbai DinShaw Petit Hospital, while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “During Diwali, this year,  84 animals and birds were admitted at the hospital. They had suffered burns and suffocation-related issues due to firecrackers. A few dogs have also suffered burn injuries. We have treated all of them.”

“But, as compared to the past two-three years, the cases have reduced drastically by over 50 to 60 percent. And this has happened due to awareness among the people,” added Dr Khanna.