Mumbai: Doctors perform rare surgery to save woman paralysed by stroke

For the first time ever, doctor at Mumbai’s state-run JJ Hospital performed a unique surgery, which ultimately helped clear a blood clot in a woman’s heart


The elderly woman was earlier treated for the condition but could not make a successful recovery. The doctors then considered performing the Left atrial appendage closure (also known LAAC procedure) to save the woman from paralysis brought on by the stroke

Vatsala Koli, a 61 years old lady, previously had heart attack and underwent angioplasty. She developed atrial fibrillation and cardio-embolic stroke, so started on warfarin, the blood thinner. On follow up she had internal bleeding as side effect of blood thinners. So blood thinners couldn’t be given anymore.

The doctors deliberated about the further line of treatment and decide to perform the LAAC invasive procedure on her. After getting permission from the woman’s relatives, the doctors performed this surgical technique upon her on the same day. Professors of department and respected Dean Dr M B Tayde encouraged the team and have administrative clearances.


The operation done by Dr Nagesh Waghmare along with the assistance of Dr PK Hazra from Kolkata, and Echo done by Dr Vikas Mishra, Dr Shakil Shaikh and Dr Mahesh Bodakhe With anaesthesia administered by Dr Sushila Yadav. Along with assistance provided by staff nurse Mrs. Aruna Sabnis and Technichian Mr. Ganapati Rathod.”

The surgery was done in presence of Prof Dr Anil Kumar and Prof Dr N O Bansal.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Nagesh Waghmare, a cardiologist and associate professor from Mumbai’s Sir JJ Hospital, said, “The woman had suffered from a cardioembolic stroke. In order to remove the blood clot from her heart we had to use blood thinners. But her body could not tolerate it. Due to the blood thinners, the woman began to internally bleed in her stomach. To prevent the stroke and improve her condition, the family and I agreed to perform the LAAC procedure.”


Dr Waghmare added, “This was not an open-heart surgery. In this procedure, we inserted a cardiac plug through the woman’s upper leg and reached her heart and closed the affected area in the upper left chamber of her heart. Closing the appendage prevents new clot formation. This invasive surgical technique also reduces the risk of a repeated stroke. This procedure is very important to prevent paralysis attacks.”

Dr Waghmare concluded, “The woman was discharged on Thursday, November 01. Since we are a government-run hospital we had never attempted this kind of procedure before. Since the surgery was a success. We can now consider offering this medical service to the poor and needy people who require this type of surgical intervention.”