#NoMoreShor: Doctors and medical students spread awareness on ‘Green Diwali’

Diwali is a festival of celebration, love and extravagance and the thought of celebrating Diwali without crackers is one that is hard to imagine. However loud crackers cause a lot of distress for elderly people, young children, strays and pets not to mention the environment pollution caused by smoke and fumes. Diwali is a festival of lights and there are several alternative ways to celebrate the festival


The season today, though, has also come to symbolize the bursting of loud and bright firecrackers. But this practice isn’t without consequence, and the pollution caused by the firecrackers, whether in the form of noise or air, is harmful to the environment.



This year, do the environment a favour and celebrate a clean and green Diwali festival


Equipped with a single wick and flame; one can flood an ocean of darkness with the brightest light. And as Diwali is right around the corner, Indian Medical Association –Junior Doctor’s Network (JDN) National Council, as well as Indian Medical Association – Medical Student Network Maharashtra in association with Sion Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) and Asian Medical Students’ Association took an initiative to spread the message of what is ‘right’ through the power of ‘light’ by organising an event on ‘Green Diwali.’

The team gathered at the Junction in front of Hotel Tulip Star beside Juhu beach and started sensitising the people crossing that signal with the help of posters and banners encompassing slogans like ‘Burst hunger not crackers,’ ‘#NoMoreShor,’ ‘Better Green than (life) gone’ and many more.

The rally from the junction  and went till Juhu beach (in front of Novetel Hotel)

A medical student who took part in this initiative, stated, “People ( including traffic policemen, tea seller, foreigners, school students) came to us and clicked a picture with our team as well as banners so as to upload it on social media in order to support our campaign. In fact one of them came out of her vehicle and appreciated us by saying, “Good to see medical students coming on road for this noble cause!”

He added, “When a journalist from Free-Liance and an youtuber from ‘BR prank you tube channel’ took a video with us to spread our event; that became a ‘Cherry on the cake’ moment for us!”


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Prashant Chaudhary, President SION MARD, said, “Everyone has the freedom of expression to celebrate festivals the way they want to. But we must also be aware of our responsibility that we are not harming the environment due to pollution. We need to change along with the changing times, pollution is detrimental to the environment. We are playing a small part in saving the environment.”

Dr Akshay Yadav, National Joint Secretary, IMA JDN National Council , stated, “We received a good response. Medical students from various parts of Maharashtra also participated in this rally. We are planning to do this next year too.”

Dr Ajoy Saha (Secretary, National IMA,MSN), Mrs Ruee Kapoor ( President, EUBIKA Foundation and Director, SCICON ); Dr Akshay Yadav ( National Joint Secretary, IMA JDN National Council, Sion MARD representative and Students’ Advisor of IMA MSN Maharashtra); Dr Prashant Chaudhary ( President, Sion MARD); Dwij Mehta ( President, IMA MSN Maharashtra); Simran Kapoor ( Joint Secretary, IMA-MSN Maharashtra); Priyansh ( Vice overall Chairman- Externals from AMSA- India) co-ordinated the event and extended their gratitude to Mumbai Police for supporting the event as well as to all the medical students and junior doctors who bequeathed their consequential time for participating in the event.