Mumbai doctors advise people about precautionary measures before the onset of monsoon

A sudden fluctuation in temperature has given rise to various infectious diseases like throat infection, fever, cold. Doctors warn about consuming outside food after a recent raid on food vendors in Kurla wher 74 per cent of E-coli bacteria was present in ice used in the soft drinks

Mumbai doctors advise people about precautionary measures before the onset of monsoon
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With pre-monsoon showers in the city, along with fluctuation in temperatures, there has been a rise in various infectious diseases like throat infection, fever and cold. City doctors have advised people to be cautious about what they eat and other unhealthy practices which lead to infectious diseases.

Dr Om Shrivastav, consultant for infectious diseases, said, “People should be careful during this season. Especially those who are critically ill or suffering from chronic disease, because they are most prone to monsoon related illnesses.

“I witness cases of gastroenteritis and upper respiratory problems. As the monsoon season advances cases of malaria and dengue will start increasing. People should avoid eating outside food and cold drinks. They should drink boiled water and a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits,” added Shrivastav.

Dr Krishnakant Dhebri, General Physician said, “The city is witnessing pre-monsoon showers and the humidity is very high. The chances of water being contaminated are also high. Avoid drinking water outside and carry a bottle of boiled water along with you. Because this could lead to increase in water borne disease”.

The warning comes amidst increasing cases of swine flu and precautionary guidelines declared.  In a recent raid by the BMC on street vendors, it was found that  74 % of E-coli bacteria were present in ice used for roadside soft drinks. In the month of April, 207 gastro cases were found in Kurla (L) ward. Mumbai has reported one death and 21 cases of swine flu since January.

“The cases of gastro are increasing. I appeal to the general public not to have roadside ice and water,” said Dr Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, BMC.

Doctors say that people with diabetes, hypertension and low immunity should be more careful on what they eat and drink in this season. People with diabetes and hypertension should keep their blood sugar levels and blood pressure in control. People who have respiratory problem like asthma too should be cautious. In comparison to general population, they are more prone to get the diseases and along with its complications. Also these people should get vaccinated; it can protect them from typhoid, hepatitis and respiratory ailments.