Mumbai doctor develops app to monitor the health of children

A doctor from Mumbai’s government dental medical college has developed a new and innovative android mobile application called ‘PedoDontics’

Mumbai doctor develops app to monitor the health of children

This app gives us detailed information about a child’s dental and general health from birth till thirteen years of age. The app is free and very simple to use. It does not require any special permission or any verification details of the user.

Parents and caretakers of children can be benefited by this informative app. The approach used is to increase the understanding and awareness about dental healthcare.

The app is simple and direct; efforts have been made to provide basic information required to understand developmental stages, vital physiological parameters and oral hygiene maintenance of children.

This app helps make parents aware about their child’s dental health, such as when milk teeth form and develop, cavities and tooth decay, and also misalignment of teeth due to gaps left after a tooth falls. Apart from this it also informs parents about their child’s overall health, for example, it informs parents about the optimal weight a child should have at a certain age. It also monitors their blood pressure. Through one click parents can be updated about their child’s health status.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Dimple Padawe, a Professor and a paediatric dental surgeon at Government Dental College Mumbai, said, “Around 80 children visit our OPD each day, 40 to 45 per cent of children are new cases. The most commonly witnessed problems in these children are cavities. Parents consider removing the child’s tooth, but this is not the only option, as the other teeth can become misaligned due to this. Parents aren’t aware about all this, that is why we have developed this app. Through this app, apart from dental treatment a child’s overall health can also be gauged.”

She added, “It will monitor the child’s heartbeat and blood pressure, it also provides information about the proper way to brush teeth. If teeth pain occurs it will inform what medicines can be administered according to the child’s age.”

Dr Pawade further said, “All one has to do, is fill in information like the child’s age, gender, height and weight. It is a one-time login. After which the app will then give you complete details about the developmental milestones, the heart rate, the respiratory rate, the blood pressure, the brushing technique, the dose of the commonly used antibiotics and painkillers automatically calculated for that individual. And the child’s body temperature.”

This app is available to download on Google android. This app can be downloaded free of cost. So far, 700 parents have downloaded this app.