Mumbai: Docs save seven-year-old by plugging a hole in her skull base

Akanksha, a seven-year-old girl from Nashik, was suffering from a rare condition since birth. Over the past few years, her condition worsened, and the parents decided to seek a doctor's opinion. In her case, the brain fluid was leaking into her nose, due to a small home in her skull base

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  • Doctors from Mumbai saved the life of a seven-year-old girl, who was suffering from a rare congenital condition.
  • According to the doctors, in Akanksha’s case, the brain fluid was leaking into her nose, due to a small hole in the skull base. Owing to which, she was suffering from breathlessness.
  • Akanksha was suffering from this condition since birth.

Getting a runny nose happens to all of us, and during winter, the issues aggravate. We don’t pay much attention to this as this condition is not life-threatening. However, in seven-year-old Akanksha’s case, it was a congenital condition.

According to doctors from Mumbai’s Kohinoor Hospital, Akanksha was suffering from a condition, where the brain fluid was continuously leaking into her nose, as there was a small hole in her skull.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sanjay Helalle, ENT-Head Kohinoor hospital, Kurla, said, “In Akanksha’s case, a part of skull base was missing since birth, which separated the brain from the remainder of the anatomic structures in the head, including the sinuses, eyes, and ears. Owing to which, the brain fluid was leaking into her nose.”

“There was a hole in her skull base. She was suffering from breathlessness as well. The only option was to operate upon her. With the help of a navigation based skull base surgery, we entered through her nose and plugged the hole. Akanksha’s health is improving, and soon she will get a discharge,” added Dr Helale.

Six months ago, after getting treatment in Nashik, Akanksha had come to Mumbai.

Dr Helale further added, “In 5,000 births, only one is affected with this congenital condition. Normally, the neurosurgeon opens the skull and performs the surgery. However, as the parents were scared, we chose to perform the endoscopic surgery. With the assistance of navigation-assisted method, the surgery was performed.”

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