Mumbai doc shivers on entering the hospital

Workplace phobia is characterised by a pronounced apprehensive reaction to the workplace or elements related to the workplace (e.g. coworkers, objects, situations). Similarly, a doctor has an unheard phobia which scares him from entering the hospital


Are you afraid of stepping in the office, due to some unpleasant experiences, fear or poor self-confidence? Beware! You might be suffering from workplace phobia. Work-related anxieties are frequent and have a negative effect on the occupational performance of the person and the person panics when approaching or even thinking of the workplace.  It can also take a toll on his personal and professional life.  Likewise, a Mumbai doctor who suffers from a serious phobia has mystified the doctors.

Dr D’souza (name changed) is a gynaecologist known for his par excellence and extreme dedication. When he ended up visiting a BMC-run hospital in the city with an unusual problem, doctors were puzzled.

Dr D’souza had a peculiar problem. The minute he enters the hospital, he would start shivering and having panic attacks. His fears were so severe that he had to be admitted in the hospital where he underwent a treatment.

Dr Sagar Karia, consultant psychiatrist at Sion Hospital and LTMG Medical College, said, “We were baffled with his issue. In my entire practice; I’ve never seen such a phobia.  The psychiatric literature has nothing like this mentioned in it. Our whole team of doctors set up a meet with him and his seniors in his institute so as to be sure of his illness. The entrance of his hospital sent shivers down his spine.”

After multiple tests and recurrent counseling, it was revealed that the patient suffered from a very uncommon phobia, which doesn’t have mention in the world literature.

“We called it the ‘institutional phobia’. It is basically what small kids may suffer from in case of attending schools or so,” said Dr Nilesh Shah, Head of Psychiatry Department at Sion Hospital and LTMG Medical College.

The hospital also plans to publish the case in journals owing to its peculiarity. Dr Karia said, “Currently, we are treating him and hence, getting his fear under control. Vigorous counselling is also going on for him. However, he still can’t work in his institution.”