Mumbai: Deadly E. coli found in edible ice at roadside stalls

The BMC has collected a total 410 samples of the edible ice from restaurants, juice vendors and the roadside sellers. Out of which, 352 samples have been found to be contaminated with deadly E. coli - a bacteria which cause diarrhea and urinary tract infection. Owing to which, health officers have warned Mumbaikars against consuming chilled beverages or golas


As Mumbai break into a sweat, under the scorching sun and relentless heat, its citizens are enjoying a glass of chilled beverages to cool themselves. But wait! Are you sipping a chilled beverage on the roadside? And not thinking about the hygiene around you? Then, you must think twice before doing so the next time.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had done a survey across the city and had collected around 400 samples of the edible ice from street vendors. The startling facts revealed that out of the 400 sampled, 352 samples were contaminated with the deadly E. coli bacteria.

After this fact came to light, the health officials from the BMC have warned citizens against consuming roadside cold beverages or golas.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Padmaja Keskar, Chief Health executive officer, BMC, said, “This year too, we had conducted a survey across the city. We had collected 410 the samples of the edible ice from hotels, roadside sellers, fruit juice vendors. Out of the 400 samples, we have found the presence of E. coli bacteria in 352 samples. Edible ice contaminated with E. coli is very dangerous for the health of Mumbaikars.”

As Mumbai is reeling under the severe heat wave, a number of roadside juice sellers have mushroomed across the city. Many of these roadside vendors are illegal. The BMC has warned the citizens, not to consume any chilled beverages from outside as it might take a toll on your health.