Mumbai cop felicitated for donating blood for the 50th time

Mumbai police work round the clock. Despite of heavy rains, festivals and so on. Police are always on their toes to serve the citizens. Similarly, for Pundalik Awhad, a constable of Sewree police station, blood donation is of prime importance along with citizen's security


Donated blood is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments which is why we need you to donate blood. Likewise, Pundalik Awhad, a police constable of Sewree police station has donated blood for 50 times. But, he understood the importance of blood donation due to a life changing incident.


His daughter was in urgent need of blood. Fortunately, his daughter’s health improved with time. But Awhad couldn’t forget that incident. He understood the fact that there are a lot of people who do not get blood on time. So he makes it a point to donate blood through different blood camps.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Awhad said, “I have donated blood too, even before joining the profession. But my daughter’s incident made me realise the importance of blood donation. In the year 2000, my daughter suffered from a heart attack. Her  operation was scheduled at KEM Hospital. But we couldn’t get ‘O’ positive blood. I literally had to beg to the blood banks.I had already lost my son. And, I didn’t want to lose my daughter. After trying for long, the blood was available and the operation was successful.”

He added, “After this, I understood the importance of blood donation and started donating blood. I try and donate blood through various blood donation camps.”


Awhad had also organised a blood camp at his village. And on 10 October, he was felicitated  by the police department as he had donated blood for the 50 th time.

According to Awhad, during accident and pregnancy, there is blood requirement in the hospital. But, patients don’t get blood according to their needs. Since, the number of people who donate blood  is very less. He requests people to come forward and donate blood.