Mumbai: Construction worker impaled by rod in thigh, survives

An iron rod pierced through construction worker Ram Yadav’s right thigh which went through his bone. The worker survived miraculously as the doctor’s remove dthe rod by removing his skin and cutting the muscles. This is a third case in past few days


  • January: 5ft long rods pierced through Rajendra Pal’s chest and abdomen. Doctors from GT Hospital performed the surgery
  • March: Salim Sheikh was impaled by 4ft rod. Doctors from Sir  J J Group Of Hospitals performed a surgery
  • March: While working at a construction site, Ram Yadav was impaled by the rod

Since last few months, the number of accidents occurring at the construction sites is going up. Similarly, in an unfortunate incident at Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, while working on a third floor, Ram lost his balance and fell down where he was impaled by an iron rod. He started bleeding profusely and was immediately admitted to the St George’s Hospital. The doctors decided to operate him immediately. But, the surgery was challenging as the rod went through his bone.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Aviral Jain, surgeon at St George’s Hospital said, “When Ram was admitted in the hospital. The rod had impaled in his right thigh. It was challenging to perform a surgery without causing any internal bleeding. The rod had pierced his bones. By removing the skin and cutting the muscle the rod was taken out.”

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Medical Superintendent, St George’s Hospital said, “Ram Yadav was admitted in the hospital on March 10. The surgery was performed for about one-and-a-half hour. Now, Ram’s condition is improving. Soon, he will be discharged.”

Dr Praveen Tunganwar, Dr Aviral Jain, Dr Sudeep and Dr Gurupreet’s team performed the surgery.