Mumbai building collapse: A Golden handshake that saved her life

So far, 13 people have been killed and 10 are injured in Dongri Building Collapse case. 24 hours after the incident search and rescue operations are still on at the crash site


24 hours after the fatal crash, which took place on Tuesday, July 16, in Mumbai. Firemen from Mumbai fire brigade, NDRF personnel, policemen and BMC workers, are still excavating the debris, with a hope to find a life under the rubble.

13 innocent people have lost their lives, and 10 are currently admitted to the hospital, but, a few have miraculously escaped death.

And one of them is 23-year-old Zinat Salmani. Zinat was one of the fortunate ones, who has miraculously cheated death. And a golden handshake right in time saved her life.

Zinat, who is currently recuperating at Mumbai’s state-run Sir JJ Group of Hospital was saved 4 hours after the crash.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Prabhat Rahandale, Chief Fire Officer said, “It was a golden handshake that has saved her life. And, she too has shown tremendous courage during the rescue operation.”

According to firemen who were on duty, while carrying out a search operation, Fire brigade personnel spotted a movement under the debris. They had located a lady, critically trapped under a iron beam. One fireman immediately extended his hand towards her. And to his surprise, she too grabbed his hand.

“It was a very tough rescue operation. She was dehydrated. We had to cut through the beam Spreading the wooden planks and removed the debris to save her life,” added Chief Fire officer.

While lying on the bed of JJ Hospital Zinat just said, she has suffered injuries on her hands and legs.

The rescue team is manually removing the debris with a hope that they will find a life under the rubble.