Mumbai Bridge Collapse: Five seconds saved thousands of lives

On Tuesday, an Andheri-bound local train was on its way to Churchgate when a section of a foot overbridge in Andheri fell. The alert 47-year-old motorman Chandrakant Sawant. of the train hit the emergency breaks and averted the bigger mishap



It was a rainy Tuesday morning on July 3, when an Andheri-bound local train was on its way to Churchgate. It was a routine journey for the 47-year-old motorman Chandrakant Sawant. As the train left Andheri, within a few minutes, it reached the speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

Suddenly, the train halted abruptly as the motorman has hit the emergency breaks. The clueless passengers were still trying to figure out what happened. The only man who knew, what happened, was Sawant. He saw a part of the bridge crumbling down in front of his eyes.

While speaking to the press, Sawant said, “It was a matter of just five seconds. I managed to apply the emergency breaks. The train halted, and I had a sigh of relief. I left Andheri station and felt as if the bridge was moving. All of a sudden the bridge collapsed.”

He further added, “I survived because of only five seconds. That’s what the difference between the life and the death. If not, then I would have been trapped under the debris.”

It was Sawant’s presence that saved thousands of passengers. The railway ministry has announced a reward of Rs five lakh for him.

Railway Minister Piyush Goel said, “I would like to thank Chandrashekhar Sawant, who stopped the train as soon he saw an overhead electric line snap and averted a bigger mishap. He will be awarded 5 lakhs.”